Why choose Frain Building Surveys?

Frains Building Surveys

Quality thorough Building Surveys of residential properties. Carried out by a local Beccles based, highly experienced Charted Building Engineer and Building Surveyor.

Welcome to Frain Building Surveys, I come from a construction trade (bricklayer & jobbing builder), construction management background and then building surveying with 31 years experience. I have an extensive knowledge of construction types, techniques and the understanding of housing defects and remedial works. I am able to apply my vast industry knowledge and extensive training to residential building surveying. I am a Chartered Building Engineer and Building Surveyor. I carry out every survey as if I was carrying out the survey for my own daughter or son. If that is the type of surveyor you are looking for then call Frain Building Surveys.

If you don't mind finding out about all the defects with a property after you have bought it, with your hard-earned money and you are able to just laugh it off. Then do not call me!. If on the other hand, you would like to know what you are buying, what is wrong with it, how to put it right and all the up and coming maintenance you need to budget for. Then call Frain Building Surveys and remember you do not want to find out the only thing rising in your new bedroom is the damp.